engineering, procurement and construction

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We are supported by passionate team which consists of inter-disciplinary engineers with years of experiences that will ensure the tools are used perfectly to meet your unique engineering process.

We believe that our accuracy and details-attention in engineering design will lead to easily managed construction activities and to compelling results in term of quality and time-punctuality, requirements-complied quality and finished within the time limit. Thanks to our regularly updated and complete engineering software, integrated engineering database and document management system, we ensure our top design quality and accuracy.

We Ensure Our Top Design Quality and Accuracy


We ensure tha purchasing, expediting, inspection, transportation as part of procurement process is conducted in compliance with standardized ISO.

Transparency is one of our values since we believe that the ultimate client’s satisfaction can only be achieved if the project is achieved as targeted. We are absolutely opposing any fact for the sake of covering any problem since every huge fire starts somewhere small and the detrimental effect will cutback all stakeholder.

We are certain that together with Client we may overcome the possible obstacles in procurements. Each stakeholder is our partner in achieving the common goals, Thus, cooperation among stakeholders is inevitable to reach the finish line.

We independently perform the Quality Control to our materials and services, without vested interest but relying on standardized ISO requirements for optimal project result in due time.

We independently perform the Quality Control to our materials and services


We serves various projects, from small to big-scale or packaged projects, sole disciplinary project and multidisciplinary ones with professionalism, cooperativeness, and amicable services with high integrity and strong commitment to HSE excellence.

We assist the client in management, design, and construction  works on location for installation processes for, among others, oil and gas, cement, fertilizer, refinery, infrastructure and power plant sectors.

We are fully supported by advanced management systems. We also manage various interfaces with various disciplines and our flow of works is based on the construction execution plan and methods to ensure the flow of works run properly. We able to manage critical path appropriately since it determine successful of project execution.

We are fully supported by advanced management systems