independent power producer

pt setyawan mahakarya prima


PT.Setyawan Mahakarya Prima is an independent power procedure on developing, owning and operating energy facilities and generator on the Indonesia market. The company benefits from its founder’s expertise in operations and relations to strategically invest in the 21 st century opportunity that is the growth of the industrial and residential sector.

The company combines its knowledge, expertise and collaboration with local governments and stakeholders to form consortiums and become a principle player in the energy sector. Until today, the company has several energy projects and operations in Indonesia, both fosil and renewable energy.

We Ensure Our Top Design Quality and Accuracy


PT Setyawan mahakarya Prima also been providing hot steam supply to ensure that our clients will focus comfortly on its core business.

We support you design, procure and manufacture, install, commissioning until operation and maintenance the desire boiling unit. We believe our experience will give you a competitive benefit to your business growth.

We Ensure Our Top Design Quality and Accuracy